Constant Speed Unit (CSU) & Retractable Undercarriage

Aircraft fitted with constant speed propellers and retractable undercarriage are the common across all areas of general aviation. Learn how to safely operate these aircraft within their limits.

Our course is designed to teach you all of the techniques required to fly an aircraft with both constant speed propeller and retractable under-carriage safely.

As these two design features are found together on many higher performance general aviation aircraft the training for both design features has been integrated into a single course that will cover:

  • Ground operations with a CSU
  • CSU operation in the circuit
  • CSU operation in the climb, cruise and descent
  • Standard retractable under-carriage operation
  • Emergency under-carriage extension

For those training for a commercial pilot’s license, the Five Point Aviation CSU & Retractable Undercarriage endorsement course fulfils the complex aircraft training requirement.