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Flight Screening Preparation Sydney

Defensive Flying Skills

This is the advanced driver training of flying.

We have created a course specifically designed after detailed analysis of current aviation statistics. Having itendified the key flight skill deficiencies leading to accidents, we address them in a safe and controlled environment.

You will learn more about aircraft limitations, and develop a sound understanding of your personal limitations.

How would you handle an unfamiliar or unexpected occurrence? Ever wondered how you would react to an inverted nose low attitude for example? Under safe and well managed conditions, you will experience a range of unusual situations, and learn how to safely return the aircraft to the desired state.

Despite what some say, any aircraft can end up in an undesired state and your preparation and training is the only defence against an unsafe outcome. We will focus on scenario based exercises and look at how to maintain a safe flight regime during emergency situations.

This course will give you a great sense of achievement, and make you a more aware and ultimately safer pilot.

We cater for groups wishing to undertake course. It can be a great weekend away for your recreational or GA flying club. This training is a lot of fun and you will enjoy every minute of your time on the Defesive Flight Skills Course!

Course duration is 5 hours

Aircraft: CAP10C

Basic Aerobatics

In completing this training you will earn your wings as an aerobatic pilot.

The basic aerobatic figures will be learnt, but more importantly this course teaches you to understand the aircraft limits, and your own personal ones too.

You will learn how to safely get yourself out of any situation. You will also become completely comfortable operating an aircraft in any attitude or flight path, and develop a deeper understanding of how they fly.

Every area of your flying will be sharpened by this course, and you will come away a safer and more confident aviator.

Typical course duration is 12-15 hours

Aircraft: CAP10

Graduate Aerobatics

This course is a step by step process for those who want to work their way to competition or low level aerobatics, or those who simply want to extend their aerobatic skills.

Each manoeuver will be learnt individually and as part of a sequence. You will be endorsed on each manoeuver as you become competent.

As you work towards competition standard you will have the opportunity for mentoring by one of our aerobatic critiquers to improve your competition skills. Our in-house, low level testing officer will develop this aspect of your flying as needed.

From here you will have the option to develop competition technique and by invitation, start low level aerobatic training.

Tail Wheel Undercarriage

A tailwheel endorsement is a fun and rewarding course that will hone your skills in many areas of your flying.

Our course is designed to teach you all of the techniques required to fly a tailwheel aircraft safely.

Our Instructors have operational experience on tailwheel aircraft around the world including beach landings, New Zealand and Alaskan mountain flying, and bush strip operations. These have been conducted in both modern and vintage war bird aircraft.

You will learn

three point landings,
wheel landings,
short-field take off and landing, and
general handling.
Typical course duration is 5-8 hours

Aircraft: American Champion Citabria

Formation Flying Course

The formation flying course is available by application only, and each individual seeking to pursue this training will be assessed for their suitability.

During formation training you will earn the principles of station keeping, formation manoeuvering, takeoff and landing, bug-outs and rejoins, formation leadership and safety.

There is no more intense flying than formation. This training will improve your situational awareness, and improve the smoothness and anticipation of your flying. It is a great achievement to pass the Five Point Aviation formation training.

Your instructors will be experienced formation pilots/ instructors from civilian and military backgrounds.

For more information on the formation flying course please talk to one of our crew.

Typical Course Duration: 8-15 hours

Airline Cadet Grading Course

This is one of our specialties. We have on staff our very own Check and Training Captain, who designed this course.

Tony Clark, one of our managing directors, has been in the airline industry for over 20 years and until recently was a Type Rating Examiner (Check & Training Captain) for Hong Kong based, Dragonair.

Currently an Airbus Captain back home in Australia, he brings an invaluable depth of knowledge regarding the requisite qualities of the Airline Cadet. With this in mind the Airline Cadet Grading Course is really the ultimate preparation for those wanting to pursue a career in the airline industry.

We focus on situational awareness, stick and rudder skills and personal development, aiming to give you the edge as you undertake the flight screening and interview process.

We are sensitive to the needs of overseas students and will coach you in social English skills. We can also assist you with a range of accommodation and transport options to suit your budget and time frame.

Our team recommends students take the full ten hour course to cover all the aspects of the program. During this training you will cover the following elements:

Basic flying skills
Instrument flying
Radio transmission
Aviation theory
Communication in the aviation environment
Crew resource management
Social English

Flight Screening Preparation Sydney

Military Pilot Flight Screening Preparation

With a strong focus on performance aviation, Five Point Aviation has the skills and experience to give you the best chance of passing flight screening.

We will customise a course based on your level of experience, and the stream you are expecting to undertake screening in.

Chris Clark, Five Point Aviation/Southern Biplane Adventures Chief Pilot has been providing flight screening preparation for the better part of 8 years with a very high success rate.

Typically we will focus on the following flying skills:

Unusual Attitude Recovery
Precision Attitude Flight
G Stalling and Angle of Attack Control
In addition to the flying skills, we will instruct you in airmanship, preparation and your personal attitude.

The art of mental preparation and rehearsal is a key element to learning to fly in any environment, and will better prepare you for the extreme work-load and learning curve of military flying courses.