Flight Screening Preparation Sydney

Defensive Flying Skills

This is the advanced driver training of flying.

We have created a course specifically designed after detailed analysis of current aviation statistics. Having itendified the key flight skill deficiencies leading to accidents, we address them in a safe and controlled environment.

You will learn more about aircraft limitations, and develop a sound understanding of your personal limitations.

How would you handle an unfamiliar or unexpected occurrence? Ever wondered how you would react to an inverted nose low attitude for example? Under safe and well managed conditions, you will experience a range of unusual situations, and learn how to safely return the aircraft to the desired state.

Despite what some say, any aircraft can end up in an undesired state and your preparation and training is the only defence against an unsafe outcome. We will focus on scenario based exercises and look at how to maintain a safe flight regime during emergency situations.

This course will give you a great sense of achievement, and make you a more aware and ultimately safer pilot.

We cater for groups wishing to undertake course. It can be a great weekend away for your recreational or GA flying club. This training is a lot of fun and you will enjoy every minute of your time on the Defesive Flight Skills Course!

Course duration is 5 hours

Aircraft: CAP10C