Airline Cadet Grading Course

This is one of our specialties. We have on staff our very own Check and Training Captain, who designed this course.

Tony Clark, one of our managing directors, has been in the airline industry for over 20 years and until recently was a Type Rating Examiner (Check & Training Captain) for Hong Kong based, Dragonair.

Currently an Airbus Captain back home in Australia, he brings an invaluable depth of knowledge regarding the requisite qualities of the Airline Cadet. With this in mind the Airline Cadet Grading Course is really the ultimate preparation for those wanting to pursue a career in the airline industry.

We focus on situational awareness, stick and rudder skills and personal development, aiming to give you the edge as you undertake the flight screening and interview process.

We are sensitive to the needs of overseas students and will coach you in social English skills. We can also assist you with a range of accommodation and transport options to suit your budget and time frame.

Our team recommends students take the full ten hour course to cover all the aspects of the program. During this training you will cover the following elements:

Basic flying skills
Instrument flying
Radio transmission
Aviation theory
Communication in the aviation environment
Crew resource management
Social English